The power of reading

Kevin is a reader, and loves to have the ability to read anything with the power of his fingers. That’s why he loved his Kindle Fire so much. Anytime day or night, Kevin would be browsing the web, checking out the latest videos or reading some books.

Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

If you want the ability to have the power of reading at your fingertips just like Kevin then isn’t it about time you went to and placed your bid?   We’ll…
what are you waiting for?!


95 thoughts on “The power of reading

  1. I own the kindle what would be the advantage of getting the fire over the regular kindle other than the internet? Was just curious as I received mine as a gift and have not had time to research much have been too busy doing other research and this question just popped into my head…

    • The fire is the newest version of a Kindle — it has color, the ability to watch videos and download apps. The regular Kindle is in black and white, and it’s only purpose is to read books. Hope this helps!

    • And the Fire would be better for color magazines. …on the other hand, the backlit display could tire your eyes if you read a lot, while the regular Kindle (or any eInk reader – I’m a Nook girl, myself) reads more like print on a page.

      • That’s right! I didn’t even think about it that way. Thanks for the tip! Seems like they both are great products, but it’s a matter of preference as to which one is better.

    • The Fire is more like a tablet. The others are essentially book readers with added capabilities such as audio. I have a Kindle Touch and love it. The navigation and management is a bit clunky and it’s only in black and white, but I wouldn’t have any more capability added to it for anything. I would only spoil it for me.

      • thank you will have to read into closer before I make a purchase for hubby so he stops using mine lol…although it stores so many books is still not a problem…

  2. How tempting is a Kindle Fire! And I went to and saw three bright bluebirds which lifted my spirits.The bidding/selling of used/useful things is great! Also, *thank you* for the “like” on my blog.

    • Brook, thank you for your kinds words!
      Our goal is to create a fun experience that people would remember, glad to hear yours was one.
      Keep up the fun origami posts 🙂

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  4. I actually own a Kindle Fire and it is the most amazing device I’ve ever had (and I’m a pretty techy gal) I highly recommend it to anyone but especially those who love reading and research. Just a teaser, when reading a book if there is a word you don’t know or want to know more about you can highlight it and the Fire provides options to search through its internal dictionary, through google or directly through Wikipedia (which is AWESOME!)

    Thanks for liking my post shook, I’ll definitely be checking out your items in the future!!

    • Wow, that’s awesome! I didn’t know that about a Kindle Fire. Sounds like a terrific way to read those challenging books. If you have any stuff you are looking to sell, make sure to post it on Shook and spread the word through your social networks!

  5. I have a Kindle, not a Fire, but a regular Kindle. Books in any form are my drug of choice and while I love the feel and smell of real books, I cherish my Kindle for the freedom to travel with all the books I love.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and come by again any time.

    • I agree, the Kindle is definitely the most convenient way to read. The only thing it’s missing is that fresh book smell!
      And I loved reading your blog. I especially liked the pictures you took with your iPad — awesome effects!

      If you ever have anything you want to sell, remember to sell it on Shook and spread the word through your social networks!

  6. Thanks for liking my post and thanks for introducing me to Shook. I also thank those who posted information about the difference between a regular Kindle and a Fire. On-line communities are great.

    • Anytime Ron! And you’re welcome – glad to have helped! There’s always new technology out there and that’s why it’s great to have online support to help us understand it a bit better.

  7. Great post. I am an avid reader and have been thinking serously about an “e-reader”. I have not pulled the trigger as yet but just might do so this weekend. Your information about the Kindle Fire is very timely. Also, loved your post.

  8. very interesting project, it actually treats a very urgent issue – selling, buying, renting etc. on the internet requires trusting the other party involved. some friends of mine are working on an interesting initiative on trust issues, also in beta mode now:
    and thank you for the ‘like’ on my blog!
    i like very much the interface on – very intuitive and only necessary info, but also clean and pretty. nice job, guys!

    • Thanks for the compliment Sasha! Your friends are also hitting on a key issue. Now with the increase of technology, trust is becoming more of a hot topic. We have some what of a similar concept!

  9. An interesting twist on auctioning stuff. I like your site and your blog. I’m also a Kindle owner, but don’t think I could ever part with it. It’s too convenient to carry a library in so little space. I prefer the eInk with no background light, I’ll have to admit.

    • We are so glad you like Shook Richard. Everyone has their own preferences on the Kindle. Some people want it to include more than just book reading and some people want it just what it was made for.

  10. thanks for the like on my blog. The comments on this are a great read. Has anyone worked out yet how to read ebooks on a beach – except hiding under the towel in order to see the screen?

  11. If you do not live in the USA you cannot download movies on your fire, so I remain with the one which read books. Just got a new Touch and it is great. My DX was too heavy.

  12. Thank you for visiting my blog! I’m quite interested in the auctioning off stuff…. I have a wedding dress with the tags still on it!

  13. Ok, I’m sure to get some flack from this comment, but I brought back my Kindle. I am a major reader, but missed turning pages, earmarking, and the tactile feel. Now to make that even funnier, I am an actual e-book author for Kindle. So it’s not that I’m not device savvy, It’s just a matter of preference. I know people who wouldn’t go anywhere without their Kindle, so all power to them and please sell your hard copies at garage sales for people like me. Thanks!

    • Everyone has their preferences. Some people like books and some people like the more modern version of a book. You’re absolutely right, everyone’s opinion is going to be different and that’s ok!

  14. I also have a kindle, it came with 6 books but i have read them now and gone back to the library. i find it doesn`t matter what you read you always learn something. As I dont have a credit card I cant download anything. I wonder if the files on the kimble can be sent to someone else`s PC and uploaded to their Kimble?

      • Actually, a person doesn’t need a Kindle or any extra device reader to get free e-books and to read them. Google: free e-book reader for computer and download it to your computer. I did this before getting the Kindle. You don’t need a credit card for many free books. Libraries have a free e-book program where normally sold books are available for 14 days and other websites like Barnes and Nobles, give free books every day. I hope this helps. Happy reading!

    • I agree with 4livinglife. Digital and hard copy have entirely different reading experiences. Although forced to read digitally all the time, I print out most of my work to edit and read effectively. I don’t think it’s old fashion, we just recognize the experience is different and prefer one over the other.

  15. Hi, and thanks for stopping by and for the “Like.” I just read someone’s post about having a wedding dress with the tags still on. Ditto! I bought the dress and then got married while on a weekend trip, dress at home. Still have the dress AND the hubby. Wanna keep the hubby, ditch the dress. I’ll be checking out your site to see how it’s done.

  16. I have a Kindle but for books I really love and want to go back to, I still prefer real books that I can hold in my hands, flip through pages, feel.

    Glad you liked my blog post. A sort of sequel will come tomorrow.

  17. I guess I am retro or I have an old soul or something, but I have a Kindle Fire and I hate reading on it. The print comes out clear and I can read at night without turning a light on, but I just prefer the feeling of pages in my hands. I still have my Kindle Fire, but I mostly use it as a backup to my tablet. As much as I really like technology, I just can’t bring myself to give up printed books and I doubt I ever will.
    Thanks for following and visiting my blog. I like the cleanness and modern simplicity of your blog– it makes it easy to navigate and find whatever you are looking for.

  18. This has been a great discussion on e-readers. I’ve been on the fence, but wondering what to get as I am an avid reader (and writer). If the black&white readers are easier on the eyes over long periods, I think that’s the way I’m going. Now, Kindle or Nook? Any more pros and cons?
    And after looking over the posts on Shook, I’m thinking I’d better get some of my darling little children’s chairs (wicker, rocking, etc.) online for sale. I used them in my studio for photographing children, but those days are over so I need to find them good homes. Thanks, Jackie, for dropping by my blog on a regular basis. I appreciate the likes, and the reminders 🙂

  19. I actually prefer to read on readers over real books. I guess I’ve changed with the times. I post a list of Free Nook and Kindle books a couple of times a week. Kindle has a great selection of books and you don’t have to pay for all of them. So that’s a great bonus. My sister loves her Fire and she’s recommended it to all her friends. I’ll tell her to send them to Shook.

    Thanks for sharing about Shook. Seems like a great site.

  20. Thanks for visiting my blog Jackie. I love your blog about Shook Company and will
    be returning, also not only myself but I will also inform my friends about the auction
    here on this site. Thanks for informing me. Have A Great Day!

  21. I was a bookworm growing up. (I was the kid who would read my book while walking to and from school, and in-between classes.) Since joining the working world, my reading was limited to magazines (SI & ESPN), but then my life changed when I bought my Kindle Fire. I also have the 3rd generation Kindle, but the Fire made it way easier to download books, music, and movies!

    I think I’ve read as many books in the past year as I did in the previous ten.

    And I’m biased, but I think Kindle Fire is the way to go if you want an e-reader. The lending library and free books really make reading affordable. The best part, I can still read my SI on my Fire!

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  23. Hi! Thank you for liking my post at, I think your blog is absolutely amazing! I will recommend some artists I know to your blog! Thanks again!

  24. Hi Jackie – Thank you for stopping by and like-ing my “Repeat After Me..Arr” blog. Good site you have here and loving the promo of the kindle (in a vain attempt to plug my memoir here) which is on Amazon (and Lulu). 🙂 This is what the networking on line is all about I guess, getting ‘it’ out there!. In reply to Ron with the Kindle I believe you can make the font larger …so you may not need those glasses (she says groping for hers). Happy blogging to you.

  25. You seem to have a very good concept here. If you ever think about opening a little book store for people who self publish, let me know. There are millions of us out here now shuffling around earlyt in the morning looking for coins in parking lots.

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