Bring back the iMac!

Our friend Andy knows a lot about technology. He knows all about the newest and the best. Today, there always seems to be something new that we need to get from Apple. There’s the iPod, iPad, the iPhone and the Mac. But let’s take a look back in history, all the way back to 1998. The coolest thing that Steve Jobs created thus far was called the iMac: the personal computer. You remember these don’t you? Well not only does Andy remember, but he still has his!

If you’re looking to bring back some memories of what computers used to be like, then check out Andy’s iMac Dalmatian pattern computer.



Comment below and let us know what you remember from these computers. What was your favorite part about using one?

And of course, meet our friend Andy!


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25 thoughts on “Bring back the iMac!

      • I didn’t have one myself but had been around them. I always thought they were cute though, all their different colors. 😉 They don’t make them like that anymore, haha.

      • I personally didn’t have one myself, but I remember always being jealous of everyone who had one! And no they definitely don’t. This computer is kind of vintage which makes it really a really cool thing to have in your home.

  1. I had one in Snow … It was awesome. Easy to pack up and go when we moved. Now it sits in our basement collecting dust. Maybe one day I’ll resurrect it. This post made me smile. Thanks for sharing!

  2. We had the “sage” model as our first family computer and we’ve all only ever owned Macs since. I used to love telling my friends that it didn’t have a floppy drive and seeing their shocked expressions…

  3. I really like this design. I believe Jobs would have as well, tho I only know what is written of him in Isaacson’s biography. Apple seems to be going with slimmer and sleeker lately, which does not allow a lot in terms of things similar to the iMac picture here. Laptops are all the rage now, I guess because people are in so many places that portability has become essential. Certainly understandable. I used my laptop a lot at work this way, and my iPad even more when I was in the field.

  4. I’ve got one in my basement, still in its box that my brother gave me after he had it for a few years and was ready to upgrade. I think it doesn’t *quite* work anymore and I always meant to boot it up and see if I could get it working. But I’m a PC guy, so it’s still in the box – maybe someday…

    • Maybe you should consider testing out and seeing if it works. Who knows, maybe you can still use it! I have been a PC girl all my life, but I recently switched to the macbook pro and I love it. But as much as I love it, I will always love my PCs.

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