The 3 Beauties

Brian is a brilliant artist who is committed 100% to abstraction. His paintings speak for themselves. They are alluring, magnificent, stunning and all unique from the rest. Brian conveys his feelings through contrast and texture. His paintings inspire him to create geometric shapes, lines, scratches, brush marks and movement onto the canvas. The artists who have influenced Brian the most are Virginia Cobb and Richard Diebenkorn.

The three paintings that he listed on are all acrylic on canvas. Don’t miss out on your chance to bid for Brian’s Paintings.


The Awkward Quiet in the Room

Inverted Mirror

Inverted Mirror

All of these paintings are ready to be hung — no need for a frame!

You can find more information about Brian here:

visit us on Shook


8 thoughts on “The 3 Beauties

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  2. These are great! I particularly like the black, grey and yellow one “The Awkward Quiet in the Room”. It reminds me of the sodium-vapour lamps that are so ubiquitous in the UK. Very inspirational, I might use the colour scheme myself for something 🙂

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