Put your game face on

Friday night is game night in Robert’s house. His whole family gathers around the table with their game faces on and ready to go. Things tend to get a little competitive, especially when it’s time to play Monopoly. Sure they play lots of games but let’s face it,nothing beats Monopoly. It’s the only game they can all agree on. Robert’s new favorite was the Here and Now Edition because it’s the more updated version of the game. He plays it for hours at a time with his wife and kids.

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14 thoughts on “Put your game face on

  1. I love monopoly it’s so much fun! I recently watched a documentary on Monopoly, it’s amazing how many different editions have come out!

  2. You have me remembering all the hours I spent as a kid playing the game. What I’ve discovered in the decades since is that each neighborhood has some of its own rules/traditions, and it’s just not the same experience playing by those you didn’t follow as a child. For instance, we allowed players to put up houses and hotels without having to own all of the same-colored properties — you could risk all of your cash on one, rather than spreading it around, and that made the game go much faster. Instant bankruptcy, anyone? Shades of Trump!
    The other alternative was the game that would go on for days at somebody’s house, maybe requiring all the patience of Go. Or so I’ve heard.
    Listen, and you’ll soon be compiling a long list of similar variations. Of course, people have to read the actual rules to realize just where they’ve been “creative.”
    So what’s there to update? That’s the news that feels sacrilegious.

    • I feel like every family has their own rules to the game, each as interesting as the next. But there is always some serious competition no matter where you go. I can’t remember a time where I played the game for less than four hours at a time.

  3. I’m with Jnana. Playing with the general gist of the rules was much more practical and enjoyable, in my house, than trying to follow the letter of the law. I, too, like the variety of editions. Besides the traditional one, we also have the Star Wars edition and the Rochester (NY) edition. Great post!
    — YUR

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