Work it ladies. A dress and jacket you have to see to believe.

Divna, one of our newest friends at Shook, is a great person with some great style! That’s right ladies, this post is for you. Finding a dress to wear to an event can be stressful. You need to make sure that it’s fashionable enough, appropriate for the specific event you are going to and affordable. Divna made this dress in a moment of inspiration, and wouldn’t waste a moment on anything else until the dress was complete. It’s brown and very elegant, with an opened back. On the side of the dress is a yellow flower which is attached by safety pins. You can change it’s location or take it off entirely if you please. It’s sure to match whatever kind of event you’re going to!


Divna also opened a second item on Shook. It is a beautiful jacket and there is only 1 in the entire world! Here at Shook, we are loving these designs by Divna.


So if you have a formal event coming up and are looking for that perfect dress or jacket (maybe both) that will get everyone talking, then check out Divna’s designs atΒ Β 

What do you think of the dress and jacket? Can you imagine yourself wearing one of them? Or maybe even both? Comment below and let us know what you think! πŸ™‚

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29 thoughts on “Work it ladies. A dress and jacket you have to see to believe.

  1. Beautiful, think she can come up with a jacket that is towards the infranty style and pants, I’m a drummer with magenta in my hair….would love to see what she can come up with. Love the leopard print!

    • Hey Tia. I have been e-mailing with Divna and here is her suggestion:

      Maybe she could connect the color of her hair with a gray military. For example, a gray jacket and pants with lots of (matt gold) button and the inside lining of the jacket-color magenta (very discretely associated with the color of her hair). This combination can be worn every day and it can be used to play (if she plays the drums somewhere, I do not know) if she wants to be more elegant then the same combination but with the black … The more thinking, more ideas come to me! ha ha … I could spin some ideas like this seven days … and we have not even got to the leopard print! πŸ™‚

      How’s that for an answer? Wow — she’s good!

      • Oh my I love that idea!!! Even the leopard print in an infantry cut with the magenta on the inside would be so bold and yet…..I’m picturing the fabric forgive me, velvet ohh I can just see it, gold buttons…. black piping. I am so happy you found my blog.

  2. I love both! I am a little ‘long in the tooth’ to do the dress, but I adore the jacket! I have a vintage leopard, circa 1965, and it reminds me of that coat! VERY fun!

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