Record Album Twist: New items posted to Shook!

There are some creative people out there, and Jeff is certainly one of them. He created something so unique that I’ve never seen done before. Jeff salvaged some old record albums which any other person may have just thrown away, and did something extraordinary  to them. He made them into notebook covers and candy/fruit bowls.

You won’t find this kind of stuff everywhere, but you will find it on

Barbara Streisand Notebook Cover

Peter Cottontail Notebook Cover

Love Story Notebook

Aretha Franklin Album Notebook

Record Album Bowl

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41 thoughts on “Record Album Twist: New items posted to Shook!

    • When I was young, I did not dig her square style of singing. But, when I saw “What’s Up Doc?” I got a whole different appreciation for her! She had a smokin’ figure back then!

  1. Hi Jackie, Loving these notebook covers. What a great idea!
    Another idea I have seen is to turn them into bags. With the two halves of album cover making the sides of the bag. It is a unique gift. I bought one for a friend years ago and it still gets mentioned!
    P.S. Thanks for popping over to my blog and for the like.

  2. I think the record albums are unique, and the site you have in operation is cool. Oh, and yea, the dog is on the couch, though very concealed. Lol.. Good variety, and nice writing. Thank you for your like and interest.

  3. What a very cool idea! Atlas I only have one album left. Michael Jacksons Thriller. Hmmmm….maybe just maybe….Great idea! I would love to feature Shook on my blog on the Small Biz Review. Let me know okay?

  4. Hey I see you’ve visited my site a few times-I appreciate the interest! I had no idea what “Shook” was/is 🙂 so I’m glad I stopped by. I’ll wander around & check things out…

  5. Thanks again for stopping by and leaving a ‘Like’. I hope you read some of our articles and that sports is one of your interests. As for your amazing site, well, “I’m all Shook up!!” 😉

  6. I like to idea of re-purposing things. I have seen the vinyl record made into bowls, purses and other things, but I like how Jeff used he album jackets for the notebook covers. Neat.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog also.

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