Introducing Rachel

I would like to introduce Rachel to all of you Shook-goers.

Rachel is a self-taught artists based in Leeds. She is most interested in landscapes and abstract forms inspired by color, the painting process and her own imagination.  Her first ever art exhibition is In November at East Street Arts gallery and she couldn’t be more excited for it. Her exhibition will have a series of landscape and abstract paintings of scenes around Ilkey and West Yorkshire to showcase the wild beauty, vivid colors and rugged landscape. In her spare time, she designs knot wear and craft items. Click here to see some of the photos on her blog.

These items are currently being sold on Shook:

Molly in the Wood

Path Through the Trees

Path Through the Trees



Interested? Make sure you hurry and register to before someone else gets to them first!

What do you think of these paintings? Let us know in the comments below! 🙂


56 thoughts on “Introducing Rachel

  1. Terrific image of Molly in the Wood and the colors and design of Path through the Trees really draws you in and makes you feel like you’re part of the painting. Lovely work. I like Abstract too, but I can’t help but wonder what it “really” is. I’d like to see her do a painting using my favorite colors together…a pinkish violet and pretty green.

  2. Thanks for sharing your news about Rachel and congrats on the exhibit!
    I love Molly in the Wood the most (primarily as I am an obsessed dog lover) felt like I was there walking behind her. Very talented young lady.

  3. Path through the Trees is vibrant! I like the use of color and light. Each artwork is uniquely expressive, but Path through the Trees is visually captivating. I teach art on the middle school level and plan to create a blog to post student’s work. This inspires me! Thank you for visiting myimmanuel!

  4. Awesome stuff. I thought Abstract was slightly underwhelming though, it feels like it lacks that little bit of focus and cohesion needed to bring everything together. On one hand, the top right area lends to the sense of movement inherent in your other paintings – a flow that works very well and I think should be incorporated more thoroughly into the rest of the painting – but on the other, it feels disjointed and rather odd. In a way, it breaks away from the vibe – which I feel is a sort of simmering anger that fluctuates between controlled calm and bursts of joy.

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