Happy holidays! From all of us here at Shook Trend.

The holidays are coming and you know what that means. It’s time to think about what everyone wants this year. What could be on their wish list? What does your mom, boyfriend, sister, friend, or dog want this year? Lucky for you, Shook Trend has got your back at this one because this week’s trend is….

Holiday Wish List! 

I’m so excited about this one because I just love the holiday season. All of the beautiful decorations on the houses and everyone just seems to be a bit nicer than usual. What I don’t like is the headache of trying to find the perfect present for each person on my list. I never know what to get anyone. That’s why I’m so happy for our new trend.

This week on trend.shook.co we are all about spreading that holiday joy. Start a wish list and post items you want to get for other people to spark some inspiration for someone else. We even give you the option of publishing your blog information! And don’t be afraid to get creative with this, add a funny story or reasoning behind your gift selection.

So what are you waiting for? The holidays are quickly approaching. Start your wish list today, because you never know what you’ll get tomorrow.


Happy holidays from all of us here at the Shook Trend staff.

Speaking of holidays, are you looking for that perfect stocking stuffer? Make sure you grab one of these Shook tee-shirts before this deal runs out. How awesome are these?

Comment below and leave us some of your funniest gift ideas/stories you’ve had!


Want to be under the spotlight?

Hey everyone! We’re really excited to feature our next theme: 50 Shades of Grey for our next Shook trend. For this theme, we thought it would be fun to get some of our users input for products to feature on trend.shook.co. We can only feature a maximum of 50. If you respond back to this comment with your…

1. blogger name
2. blogger photo
3. blogger website/blog/
4. product title
5. product photo
6. product price
7. 1-2 sentences of why you picked the product

…then your blog will also be featured on trend.shook.co with your blog name, picture and link to your blog.

Don’t be afraid to be creative with this. An example of where to find products is: amazon.com, e-bay etc. Anything that has a price tag next to it is fair game.

The deadline is 2 PM tomorrow afternoon, so make sure you send your product in fast. Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.


Introducing Rachel

I would like to introduce Rachel to all of you Shook-goers.

Rachel is a self-taught artists based in Leeds. She is most interested in landscapes and abstract forms inspired by color, the painting process and her own imagination.  Her first ever art exhibition is In November at East Street Arts gallery and she couldn’t be more excited for it. Her exhibition will have a series of landscape and abstract paintings of scenes around Ilkey and West Yorkshire to showcase the wild beauty, vivid colors and rugged landscape. In her spare time, she designs knot wear and craft items. Click here to see some of the photos on her blog.

These items are currently being sold on Shook:

Molly in the Wood

Path Through the Trees

Path Through the Trees



Interested? Make sure you hurry and register to www.shook.co before someone else gets to them first!

What do you think of these paintings? Let us know in the comments below! 🙂

Look what Menno gave to us!

If you’ve been to Shook recently, then you probably noticed a lot of changes. Right now it’s pretty hard to miss Menno. So I thought it could be nice to find out a bit more about him and why he posted so many awesome things to Shook.

       Meet Menno 

Menno came from a family of hoarders and thrifers. His parents and grandparents had a passion for antiques and quirky vintage items. They taught him to look for interesting items wherever he went and to appreciate art and design; so that’s exactly what he did. He traveled all over Europe and bought most of his collection at auctions, flea markets and little vintage shops.

Since Menno has such a passion for antiquing, he usually just adds things to his own personal collection. There’s only one problem with that — there’s only so much space to put everything! However Menno turned this into his own personal philosophy. When he acquires new things he lets something else go, that way other people can enjoy them and he gets to live in a house with an ever-changing decor.

Out of all the items Menno has, he doesn’t have a favorite. What he loves most is the ambience in his house all of the items create together. It’s a combination between all of the colors, shapes and architecture that gives him such a positive feeling.

It’s hard to pick out just one thing Menno posted, because they are all so exquisitely beautiful. Here are a couple for you to sample, but make sure you log in and register with shook.co so you can see all of them.







Happy choosing, and thanks Menno for all of the great stuff! Visit Shook here.

Record Album Twist: New items posted to Shook!

There are some creative people out there, and Jeff is certainly one of them. He created something so unique that I’ve never seen done before. Jeff salvaged some old record albums which any other person may have just thrown away, and did something extraordinary  to them. He made them into notebook covers and candy/fruit bowls.

You won’t find this kind of stuff everywhere, but you will find it on www.shook.co

Barbara Streisand Notebook Cover

Peter Cottontail Notebook Cover

Love Story Notebook

Aretha Franklin Album Notebook

Record Album Bowl

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Work it ladies. A dress and jacket you have to see to believe.

Divna, one of our newest friends at Shook, is a great person with some great style! That’s right ladies, this post is for you. Finding a dress to wear to an event can be stressful. You need to make sure that it’s fashionable enough, appropriate for the specific event you are going to and affordable. Divna made this dress in a moment of inspiration, and wouldn’t waste a moment on anything else until the dress was complete. It’s brown and very elegant, with an opened back. On the side of the dress is a yellow flower which is attached by safety pins. You can change it’s location or take it off entirely if you please. It’s sure to match whatever kind of event you’re going to!


Divna also opened a second item on Shook. It is a beautiful jacket and there is only 1 in the entire world! Here at Shook, we are loving these designs by Divna.


So if you have a formal event coming up and are looking for that perfect dress or jacket (maybe both) that will get everyone talking, then check out Divna’s designs at www.shook.co 

What do you think of the dress and jacket? Can you imagine yourself wearing one of them? Or maybe even both? Comment below and let us know what you think! 🙂

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Luck is on Shook’s side: This artwork is stunning

No one is luckier than Shook because Shook gets to see a lot creativity with some items that are posted. So far, we have seen things from old computers and new tablets to exquisite and unique paintings that are true works of art. Recently, John uploaded some very lovely paintings, jewelry and medals that you need to see for yourself.

By Hand and Leg

King of the Park






If you’re an artist, like John, then Shook would love to feature your item as well. You can upload your artwork at: www.shook.co

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Put your game face on

Friday night is game night in Robert’s house. His whole family gathers around the table with their game faces on and ready to go. Things tend to get a little competitive, especially when it’s time to play Monopoly. Sure they play lots of games but let’s face it,nothing beats Monopoly. It’s the only game they can all agree on. Robert’s new favorite was the Here and Now Edition because it’s the more updated version of the game. He plays it for hours at a time with his wife and kids.

Think you have the all the right moves to play? Then make a bid on Monopoly Here and Now Edition on www.shook.co and see if you’ve got the moves.

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The 3 Beauties

Brian is a brilliant artist who is committed 100% to abstraction. His paintings speak for themselves. They are alluring, magnificent, stunning and all unique from the rest. Brian conveys his feelings through contrast and texture. His paintings inspire him to create geometric shapes, lines, scratches, brush marks and movement onto the canvas. The artists who have influenced Brian the most are Virginia Cobb and Richard Diebenkorn.

The three paintings that he listed on www.shook.co are all acrylic on canvas. Don’t miss out on your chance to bid for Brian’s Paintings.


The Awkward Quiet in the Room

Inverted Mirror

Inverted Mirror

All of these paintings are ready to be hung — no need for a frame!

You can find more information about Brian here: http://abstractsbybrian.wordpress.com

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Bring back the iMac!

Our friend Andy knows a lot about technology. He knows all about the newest and the best. Today, there always seems to be something new that we need to get from Apple. There’s the iPod, iPad, the iPhone and the Mac. But let’s take a look back in history, all the way back to 1998. The coolest thing that Steve Jobs created thus far was called the iMac: the personal computer. You remember these don’t you? Well not only does Andy remember, but he still has his!

If you’re looking to bring back some memories of what computers used to be like, then check out Andy’s iMac Dalmatian pattern computer.



Comment below and let us know what you remember from these computers. What was your favorite part about using one?

And of course, meet our friend Andy!


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