Want to be under the spotlight?

Hey everyone! We’re really excited to feature our next theme: 50 Shades of Grey for our next Shook trend. For this theme, we thought it would be fun to get some of our users input for products to feature on trend.shook.co. We can only feature a maximum of 50. If you respond back to this comment with your…

1. blogger name
2. blogger photo
3. blogger website/blog/
4. product title
5. product photo
6. product price
7. 1-2 sentences of why you picked the product

…then your blog will also be featured on trend.shook.co with your blog name, picture and link to your blog.

Don’t be afraid to be creative with this. An example of where to find products is: amazon.com, e-bay etc. Anything that has a price tag next to it is fair game.

The deadline is 2 PM tomorrow afternoon, so make sure you send your product in fast. Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.



Remodel, Rebuild, Redefine and Redesign. It’s time for a new Shook.

Hey all you Shook-goers! It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? Sorry about that, but hopefully this news I’m about to share will make it better. And I can’t lie to you, I really feel good about this. This news is so exciting that none of us have been able to sleep for weeks! We’ve been doing some serious remodeling and rebuilding with Shook. And now I can finally announce that we’re back and better than ever.

We have redefined what Shook means to us and what we want it to be so we could take it in a different direction. We’ve always talked about giving people what they want and making things personal. Now, we’ve found a way to better fit that model plan.

We redesigned Shook to be a trend follower and trend giver. Now it’s our job to find and follow what’s hot and in during the week, and that’s exactly what we will give to you. We will take whatever it is that’s trending that week and create a page that relates to that. Whether it be fashion, movies, tv, politics or whatever – we will make it the theme and trend of the week. With that theme, we will show you cool products that go with it to ensure that the people are getting exactly what they want.

So with that being said, this week’s theme is (drumroll please) James Bond 007. No surprises there, right? He’s everywhere right now. Skyfall hit the $90 million mark during it’s debut in America.This is the biggest opening weekend for the entire 007 series by a huge margin. So there are no questions that James Bond is hot right now.

You can find out more about the movie and some great 007 related things by visiting our new page.

Don’t forget to sign up for our weekly newsletter. But sign up fast, we have a limited number of openings. There are only 500 spots total! 

So, what do you think of the new Shook? Have you checked out our new page at trend.shook.co yet? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

4 blog post that make antique buying as easy as 1,2,3

We all know that buying a new antique comes with a ton of questions. How do I know if it’s real? What kind of qualifications should it have? How many antiques should I buy? Well, lucky for you we’ve complied 4 fantastic blog posts which give some great advice which should make purchasing a bit easier for you.

Homesav: How to make old new: Antiquing advice from the pros

3 pieces of advice for putting antiques in your home: 1. Less is more. 2. Mix and match. 3. Let it tell a story.

Article Snacks

Article Snacks: Sources for buying genuine antiques:

Antiquing can be very expensive and you need to be confident in your purchase. Use the internet to make sure that your antique is genuine and check for certification.

Fine Jewelry Blog

Fine Jewelry Blog: Tips for buying vintage jewelry:

The essential information you need to know when buying vintage jewelry: jewelry material, age and markers.

Lux Magazine

Lux Magazine gave some great information and advice for antiquing:

Collectible vs antique, authentic vs reproduction, restoration vs conservation, ask a lot of questions, always check the item, check for authenticity, beware of limited editions, price does not reflect quality, look for oddities, ask about trade memberships, buy from abroad, always get a receipt and follow the antique golden rule.


Have more advice for our antique buyers? We would love to hear from you. Post a comment below and give us your best advice!

How to Set the Price: 4 Must Read Blog Posts

At Shook, we know it can be difficult to put a price next to what your trying to sell. Do you price it high to make the most money? Do you price it low to guarantee that it sells? I hope that the following blog posts can help answer some of these questions for you.

Conversion XL: The way that you price your product has an affect on people. Keep in mind that most people don’t always know how to price things fairly. If you give them more options of different prices, it can help customers understand what the best price is for them.

INC: Pricing your product can be one of the most difficult things to do. Some factors to consider when pricing your products are to know your customer, know your cost, know your revenue target, know your competition and know where the market is heading. Your product price should vary depending on what the market is willing to pay, how your company and product are perceived in the market, what your competitors charge and whether the product is highly visible and frequently shopped and compared.

Artbistro: Make sure you are aware of these guidelines before posting your art to sell. 1.) Prices are based in part, on medium. 2.) Prices are also based, in part, on size. 3.) All prices must be relative to one another. 4.) Your prices must be consistent.

Marketing, Confidence, and Time: Make your offer better than any one else’s. Make people feel that they need to have what you are offering; don’t sell it on the price.

Make sure that you are setting a fair and reasonable price (for you and your buyer) when you post an item to Shook. Anyone else have any other tips of how to price an item? Need additional advice on how to set your price? Comment below and let us know!

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