Look what Menno gave to us!

If you’ve been to Shook recently, then you probably noticed a lot of changes. Right now it’s pretty hard to miss Menno. So I thought it could be nice to find out a bit more about him and why he posted so many awesome things to Shook.

       Meet Menno 

Menno came from a family of hoarders and thrifers. His parents and grandparents had a passion for antiques and quirky vintage items. They taught him to look for interesting items wherever he went and to appreciate art and design; so that’s exactly what he did. He traveled all over Europe and bought most of his collection at auctions, flea markets and little vintage shops.

Since Menno has such a passion for antiquing, he usually just adds things to his own personal collection. There’s only one problem with that — there’s only so much space to put everything! However Menno turned this into his own personal philosophy. When he acquires new things he lets something else go, that way other people can enjoy them and he gets to live in a house with an ever-changing decor.

Out of all the items Menno has, he doesn’t have a favorite. What he loves most is the ambience in his house all of the items create together. It’s a combination between all of the colors, shapes and architecture that gives him such a positive feeling.

It’s hard to pick out just one thing Menno posted, because they are all so exquisitely beautiful. Here are a couple for you to sample, but make sure you log in and register with shook.co so you can see all of them.







Happy choosing, and thanks Menno for all of the great stuff! Visit Shook here.