Remodel, Rebuild, Redefine and Redesign. It’s time for a new Shook.

Hey all you Shook-goers! It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? Sorry about that, but hopefully this news I’m about to share will make it better. And I can’t lie to you, I really feel good about this. This news is so exciting that none of us have been able to sleep for weeks! We’ve been doing some serious remodeling and rebuilding with Shook. And now I can finally announce that we’re back and better than ever.

We have redefined what Shook means to us and what we want it to be so we could take it in a different direction. We’ve always talked about giving people what they want and making things personal. Now, we’ve found a way to better fit that model plan.

We redesigned Shook to be a trend follower and trend giver. Now it’s our job to find and follow what’s hot and in during the week, and that’s exactly what we will give to you. We will take whatever it is that’s trending that week and create a page that relates to that. Whether it be fashion, movies, tv, politics or whatever – we will make it the theme and trend of the week. With that theme, we will show you cool products that go with it to ensure that the people are getting exactly what they want.

So with that being said, this week’s theme is (drumroll please) James Bond 007. No surprises there, right? He’s everywhere right now. Skyfall hit the $90 million mark during it’s debut in America.This is the biggest opening weekend for the entire 007 series by a huge margin. So there are no questions that James Bond is hot right now.

You can find out more about the movie and some great 007 related things by visiting our new page.

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So, what do you think of the new Shook? Have you checked out our new page at yet? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


Shook Got a Makeover!

Hey everyone. I’m really excited right now because there have been some BIG changes to Shook and I get to be the one to tell everyone about them. Yay!

So deep breath in, deep breath out. Here comes all the new things to Shook!

SHOOK LOOKS AWESOME. I’m not one to brag but really, Shook is looking so good right now. You have to see it for yourself. Just go to and you’ll see that the appearance has changed a lot. We changed the colors and the whole design is different and better. Go ahead and take a peek!

The bio page. Since one of Shook’s goals is to make buying and selling a personal experience, we have added a bio section for our users on the settings page. Now you can know a little more about who you are buying from or who you’re selling to.

The sell page. If you thought it was easy before then this will blow your mind. Now all you need is an image, title, description, price and location. Then BOOM you’re done. Just like that.

Closing the deal. All deals will close between the buyer and the seller without any interaction with the website itself.

The price. Wait… what price? Now Shook is 100% free of charge – no fees! No your eyes aren’t tricking you. This is the real deal.

And finally…we heard you England, and we’re listening! We’ve had numerous people tell Shook that they think it’s awesome and they can’t wait until it’s available in the UK for them to use. Well good news to all of our English friends, Shook is now available in the UK! You now have the ability to BUY and SELL on Shook. How awesome is that? 🙂

And remember everyone, we’re still on beta so if you have any problems or requests you can directly contact us on or visit us here:

So was that enough changes for you? I sure hope so. Comment below and tell us what you think about the new Shook!

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